Eagle Canyon RV Sales
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Eagle Canyon RV Sales FAQ's

·       What are your hours of operation?

        Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-4pm. NO business operations or appointments       on Sundays.

·         Do I have to set an appointment to see a coach?

     In order to offer you the VERY BEST of our attentions, we would prefer that you schedule an appointment.  This also helps to maintain the cleanliness of the coaches.

·         Do you offer financing?

     No, we do not offer financing; HOWEVER, we are more than happy to refer you to one of our many well known financial institutions to assist you with the purchase process.

·         Do you take trade-ins?

     YES!  We do take trade-ins.  If you have a trade please let us know, and please keep in mind that we would have to view your coach in order to offer you a fair price.

·         Do you take consignments?

     YES!  We would LOVE to sell you coach for you.  Once again, please keep in mind that we would have to view your in order to price it fairly.


·         I found the coach I want to buy, what do I do now?

     If you have decided this coach is a MUST HAVE, please call or email us so we can walk you, step-by-step, through the purchase process.

·         Once I’ve purchased my coach, will you deliver it to me?

     Unfortunately, no.  We do require that you pick up your coach.  We do this because we want to ensure your happiness with your purchase and walk you through all the details of your, “New to you”, coach.  For example, we want you to know where your fresh water tank is located and how to fill it, how to operate all of your electronics, awnings, ETC.  Above all we want you to feel confident and comfortable with your coach before you ever drive off the sale lot.

·         What if I forget how to work something in my coach when I take it out on my first trip?                                                                                             Please, feel free to call or email us.  WE UNDERSTAND that there is a lot of information to remember.  We are ALWAYS more than happy to answer all of your questions and/or concerns.

·         Do you sell NEW motorhomes and trailers also?                                        No, at this point and time we only sell used motorhomes and trailers.  Please be assured that we are very particular about all of the coaches we sell.  All of our motorhomes are professionally cleaned, both the interior and the exterior.  All of the equipment and appliances are utilized to ensure they are properly operating and every coach is thoroughly serviced before each delivery.




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